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Rivery City Condos

Hi all,
I know that it's been a while since my last post but I've been in hibernation!  Seriously, there's nothing better than a long vacation in Cuba.  Now I'm back and I feel rejuvenated.  So what have I been missing  in Toronto's condo scene?  Well, a major development is the River City Condos.  This thing is getting build along the Don River.  Who knows, maybe 10 years from now there will be a reason to cross East of Yonge besides picking up from your dealer.

Another oldie that's coming along is the Roncesvalles Lofts.  They're over 85% sold out and construction is coming along.  That one should be a nice touch for a pretty good neighbourhood. 

Roncesvalles is a pretty good neighbourhood.  The street is basically the centre of the Polish community in Toronto,  St Casimir's Catholic Church and other Polish institutions are located on Roncesvalles Avenue. The businesses along Roncesvalles have formed the Roncesvalles Village Business Improvement Area and hold an annual Polish Festival. The air quality near High Park can't be beat during those smoggy days.  Sometimes this city can get so bad you feel like you need your own personal air purifier just to get a breath of fresh air!

World On Yonge

World on Yonge is located on Yonge Street just a few blocks north of Steeles Avenue. The World on Yonge condos are located in an established community on the subway line.  This new condo is also massive; I'm talking multi tower complex.  It's gonna get built by Liberty Development, those guys also made Centre Park. World on Yonge will have residential, commercial/office and retail space.

Toronto World on Yonge Condos

New Toronto Condo 2 Gladstone

This post is about a Toronto new condo under development by Streetcar developments.  It's called 2 Gladstone, and it'll be located on the edge of Parkdale along Queen West.  I think this new condo has great potential, due to it's location and swanky marketing.  You've got the Drake, the Rolling Stone and lots of other entertainment nearby.  Of course it's not the only game in town, there are other new condos like The Bohemnian Embassy, Connect Condos and Bridge Condos nearby.  There are a lot of unknowns about 2 Gladstone loft condos, but it's made by Streetcar Developments, the guys who created several new Toronto condos such as the Vinegar Lofts and Corktown District.

2 Gladstone condo lofts

New Toronto Condo: Altitude

Altitude is a new condo development in Scarborough, by Conversvatory Group.  Scarborough architecture is typically pretty blah, and I'm not sure if Altitude will do anything to change that.  One good thing to say is it's prices, units start at $180k.  It also has an indoor pool and is located right on the highway.  I suppose it helps that the TTC and Scarborough town centre are nearby.

Altitude new condos

For more info see:

Trump Tower Toronto

The most powerful name in celebrity developers is Donald Trump.  So when he decided to bring the Trump brand to Toronto, the new condo made a huge splash.  The condo tower itself will be mightily impressive.  70 stories of luxury, mixed with a 5-star hotel.  Just like Trump's celebrity life, the development has had lots of ups and downs.  First it was to be linked with the Ritz-Carleton brand, then that was nixed, then the development was brought back to life.  In 2008 construction on the new condo finally began on Bay street, in Toronto's financial district, but for a smaller, 57 story building.  One controversy remains: for such an upscale development, how do they not have an official webpage? is sparse, to say the least.

Trump condo

Let's get crazy with the amenities

Whenever I look over new Toronto condos, something seems to strike me.  Why are the amenities so boring?  Pools, tiny exercise rooms and a boring lounge to hang out in.  They can do a lot better!  Where are the archery ranges?  Table tennis? Who wouldn't like to frolic under their condos waterfalls?  Basically, I think there's room for improvement in the Toronto condo scene.

L Tower, or F Tower?

One really famous condo being built in Toronto is dubbed the "L Tower", for its L like shape:

I don't know about you, but the only place I like to see boots is on a leggy blonde boot.

toronto condo

But maybe I'm just a bit old fashioned.  Listen, the L Tower may become a fine addition to Toronto's condo skyline, but as Jessica Simpson says, "These boots are made for walkin".

Peace out.

Hi there

This is my first post.  I just want to test a few things out.  This is my favourite site.

This journal is going to be about Toronto's new condos.  As everybody knows, Toronto is the center for new condo developments in North America.  Everywhere you look, it seems like a new condo building is going up.

Toronto condo

I will write journal entries describing my thoughts about any new condo that strikes my fancy.